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California Academy of Sciences

The trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles fueled my desire to go to more learning establishments and early on, I found out that Cody was as interested in aquariums and museums as I was. Happy to know I had someone to take to these places with me, we discussed a trip to San Francisco to hang out at the California Academy of Sciences. Memorial weekend gave us an extra day off work, so being eager beavers, we took a weekend trip up for a nice getaway in the Bay Area.

We got up early to pack as much of the Academy in, including a tour we were scheduled to go on, but as fate would have it, a rock shot up from beneath the wheels of a vehicle in front of me and struck the windshield of my rental. It spread quickly and I thought that the rental insurance I got didn’t cover that damage. Freaking out sums up my mental state while handling the sitatuion. Called my insurance carrier before contacting the rental company and then had to find the nearest Enterprise to switch in my car. In the end, it worked out well; I got a fun yellow VW beetle to drive around the long weekend!

Although we missed our tour, the staff was nice, and refunded the difference to get into the Academy.

We ended up spending a lot of our time in the Steinhart Aquarium, which is home to 38,000 live animals from around the world, representing more than 900 species. Claude, the albino American alligator, was definitely a treat to see, considering how rare he is.

The jellyfish are always my favorite part of any aquarium (if they have them, of course). There was a small tank housing some moon jellyfish, which changed colors to show you the transparency of those gorgeous creatures.

I also found a new favorite marine creature, the Monkey-Faced Eel!! He is adorably sad looking. I could not get over him and just sat there for a while, trying to get a photo, but they all came out blurry. Doesn’t matter. Blurry photo is better than no photo!


These glass fish were a trip to see and absolutely beautiful.

My main desire to hit up the California Academy of Sciences was my memory of a Morrison Planetarium. It’s the largest all-digital planetarium in the world! I borrowed Stephiee’s space dress for the day to further emphasize my love of the beauty that is…*dramatic pause* SPAAAAACE. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best show in the planetarium, but I was happy to be there regardless. I fixed up my hair in a big space bun as well.

The Rainforests of the World exhibit is a 4 story dome, filled with 1,600 live animals and tons of tropical plants.

Mr. Toad is not amused.

I love that this guy was posing for me. Thanks little man.

Like the NHM, the Academy has a NightLife. For those of you who are in the area or vacationing in SF on a Thursday night, you have the chance to explore the exhibits and displays while sipping on so. Each week is houses a different theme and features a live band or DJ. You have to be 21+…NO KIDS!! BEST TIME TO GO TO THE MUSEUM!!

One of these days, I am going to be able to participate in Penguins & Pajamas, the Academy’s sleepover program, which is held once a month. This year, they had their very first Penguins & Pajamas for Grownups! How many times can I say this…NO KIDS!!! Whooo. Kids can’t have all the fun right?

When the place closed for the day, we found out it was pouring rain. What a perfect end to a day at the Academy.




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