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Memorial Day Weekend: Friends and Food

Visiting the Bay Area means getting to see some really awesome people while eating lots of good food. What more could a girl ask for?

Bear with me folks, this post is going to be a doozy, and that’s without me posting all the photos. This post may also make you very hungry. You have been warned of food porn.

After the California Academy of Sciences, Cody and I met up with Amy, Kevin, Twinkie, Hairy, Jessica, and Greg for some carnival styled food action at Straw in Hayes Valley.

I spoke with someone on the phone (who turned out to be the owner) to find out how long a large group would take and he was extremely patient and helpful. When we got there, a large party had just sat, so it was going to take an hour to get us seated. As we contemplated venturing elsewhere, the staff told us they would be able to accommodate us if we were willing to squeeze, and squeeze we did.  They put two tables together in the middle of an already small restaurant w/ the 4 girls cramming on one side, the boys spread out a little more on the other and the end. It worked. It created less space for the workers to walk around, but they were gracious about it.

Before the start of our meal, the owner came out with a special test sangria he had been working on for us to try. We were the first to get a sample of it. Well, “we” being the ones who tried it, which obviously does not include me. The consensus was a positive one.

Food fare was fun and quite tasty, and the portions were a good size.

The décor left a lot to desire. The interior could use a lot more of a carnival feel. A nice coat of colored paint, maybe in a diamond or striped pattern could do wonders to bring in more of the vibe it feels like they’re striving for. The photos and signs were nice, but they just weren’t enough to really bring it home. The carny ride booth was a great touch though.

Not wanting the night to end, we ventured to American Cupcake for some dessert and more bonding time. The interior of this place was fantastic, from the changing colored light balls to the stark white interior giving way to the futuristic, minimalist design.

Cody and I ordered the Cupcake Split, which looked great, but I was not a big fan of. The cupcakes were dense and hard…not what I was expecting, nor what I wanted.

The deep fried oreos were sinfully delicious and Cody is now obsessed with them.

No one ever sees Hairy. There, you can see Hairy. He’s a good man.

I don’t know why, but Amy and I were particularly grossed out by Kevin for doing this. IT JUST DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT!

Tess travelled all the way from Rosemead that night to say hello! Unfortunately, she didn’t stay long because her dog Star was waiting for her in the car, but that’s ok since I got to see her the next day.

Amy and Twinkie showed up in the same kids dress from Target. How embarrassing!!

Twinkie looks adorable here!

Nights like those, I never want to end, but then again I’m getting old and staying up late is becoming more and more difficult.


The next day, we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf, one of my favorite touristy spots in SF.


Cody’s friends, Andrew and Mandy, were also vacationing in SF and met us at Bistro Boudin for a nice lunch.

The dungeness crab and shrimp pizza was good, but I’m weak when it comes to yummy clam chowder.

Our waitress was a huge bitch, so I left a note on our credit card slip as to why she did not receive a tip and then told the wonderful hostesses up front how we were treated so they could inform their manager. They were apologetic and remained wonderful with us until the very end. I told them how lovely they were, but the waitress was just too much.  I don’t mess around with serving staff that is rude to a table I’m at and nice to everyone else around us when we were nothing but polite.

We parted ways after the incident and ventured off on our own to Musee Mechanique, then to Chinatown.

While hunting down weapons, I found my Mao bag and Cody bought a commie hat. At some nick nack shop, he picked up some fake mustaches and voilá! Dictator Cody.


It’s so rare I get to see Tess these days, so when she offered us a place to stay as well as to a change to show us a good restaurant, of course I agreed. While waiting for a table at NOPA, we went to Bean Bag Coffee House. Worst coffee shop ever. Someone, please explain to me why this place as 4 stars on 486 reviews on Yelp! Tess’ drink had the most pathetic excuse for froth I have ever seen and they had spilled some of liquid, making the mug just look dirty, not to mention the drink itself wasn’t good. My hot chocolate was full of foam, wasn’t even mixed well (as seem in the photo) and left a bad taste in my mouth. Tess does not approve.

NOPA more than made up for our poor coffee house experience. Our server was delightful, the food was fantastic, and the ambiance was great. One of the best things about hanging out with Cody is being able to introduce him to some seriously delicious eats with my foodie friends and this was tops.

Tess ordered a French press dessert coffee and explained to us coffee newbs about the difference in beans and brews. It was cute to see her so excited over her cute coffee setup.

Thanks Tess: For my favorite dining experience of the weekend and the hospitality!


After a good night’s sleep, Cody and I got up early to seize the day with a quaint breakfast at La Boulange. The restaurant looks small, but has plenty of seating indoors on their second floor. We opted to enjoy the weather and dined outside. Fresh orange juice, French toast, and a croque monsieur, the breakfast of champions.

Mmm…I’m really hungry now. Rawr. Goodbye!





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