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JPop Summit Festival 2011

JPop Summit Festival happened to fall on the weekend of Sporkii’s baby shower, so on Saturday, August 27th, Stephanie and I hopped on an early flight to SFO, where Stephiee and Bebe picked us up for our adventure in Japantown.

We arrived early, found our spot amongst the other vendors, and set up the Locketship booth for the weekend. Miss Alphabet shared the space with us and Zambi was her little helper. Our booths got a lot of attention and we were happy about that, but with such bright colors, it’s hard not to attract a crowd. A sale once the event started kicked off a good day.

Since Stephanie and I had an early flight, we had to put our faces on. Zambi kept making fun of me for needing to reapply lipstick. I’M NOT GOOD WITH LIPSTICK!! But I am good with hairspray. Look at that technique!

Irene Hairsprays her Hair

I roamed around to check out the events, stores and crowd for Kalamari Kastle. Click the pictures/links and enjoy:

h.NAOTO’s Fashion Show
JPop Summit Festival Coverage

Tiffany and Daniel, Twinkie and Hairy, and Sporkii and Kirby all swung by after their brunch together and it was great seeing all of them. It’s so convenient having everyone in a group so I don’t have to seek them out!

Amy, Kevin, Tess and Josh showed up as well. Josh was a giant of a man wearing leather short shorts with giant platform boots. You can’t really miss people like that. Having friends you can pick out of a crowd easily is so convenient. Thanks friends.

In a spur of the moment move, Bebe got a tattoo she had been wanting for a while. She writes notes to herself on her arm a lot, so always having a piece of lined paper on hand would be helpful. And yes, she does actually use it.

Justin, Tess’ roommate, of Let It Bleed Tattoo, did a great job and was tolerant of a bunch of weirdos invading his space.

Afterwards, we headed over to a Thai restaurant to get our grub on. It ended with our table laughing like idiots as we tweeted and retweeted everyone who was at the table talking about everyone at the table. Anyone who was friends with all of us had a really ugly timeline for a while. We offer no apologies.

A big thank you to Maria for dropping us off and picking us up from LAX.


Until next time SF.


For more photos from J Pop Summit:
Dolly Beast
Zambi Candy





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