Stolen Soul

STOLEN SOUL: Dirty Hair – Davis McDandis NSFW

I think this is one of my new favorite photos. I actually look legit and I have good eyebrows. HOLLA!

Davis messaged me on Model Mayhem, letting me know he got back into photography and so we got back together to a do a shoot 5 and a half years after I first got in front of his camera.

This look familiar to anyone?

I was still so new to the concept of modeling back then…awful. haha. Only decent photos to come out of the entire shoot. I didn’t even draw my eyebrows in. What was I thinking?

I digress; back to the latest shoot. After receiving the photos in the mail, I browsed through and picked the ones I wanted to edit. Editing another photographer’s work is not something I normally do, but when I get untouched files, it’s exciting because they see things differently, so it’s a nice glimpse through someone else’s eyes.

For makeup, I used Sugarpill on the eyes. Bulletproof and Tiara in the first set, Goldilux in the second, and then for the last one, I blended some Bulletproof on top of the Goldilux for a more subdued look.

Photographer: Davis McDandis
Model/MUA/Hair/Wardrobe/Editing: Me, looooo





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