6th Annual Focus OC Dance Competition 2010

These pictures are old (surprise, surprise); from Focus OC‘s annual dance competition on July 20th, 2010. Focus is a House music based club that holds an event every Tuesday at Tapas in Newport Beach. My buddy Justin and I went to 2009 competition as well, but missed the last one this year, which is a shame. It’s a good time. I am not immerse in the dance world at all, so I’m not sure if things like this happen often in Orange, but I would assume that most events would be centered in LA.

One day, I would really love to do a series with dancers. It has been done, but, perhaps, I could offer a different perspective. Wishful thinking? Eh, we will see. Has anyone seen any highly stylized dance series?

Lesson learned from trying to take a photos at this event: certain dance styles are extremely hard to capture in an interesting way. Wacking causes dancers to make some of the most awful faces. However, it would look amazing with the right hair and wardrobe to really play off the flailing arms. Popping seem impossible to capture the essense of in a single photo. The movements aren’t grand. The devil is in the details; the transitions, the precision. That one will require some trial and error.

Wade (above, floating off the ground) won the freestytle competition.

Nasty Ray won the BBoy competition. Not sure if that was the right call, but, you guys can judge that for yourself.

Check out this playlist from mikeFR0MtheBAY on YouTube for all the battles.

Confession time: Justin “Jet Li” Valles from Poreotics was one of the judges both years I went *swoon* and I’m a sucker for him. I know nothing about him, but he always looks like he’s having such a great time when dancing (awesomely, might I add), sans a cocky attitude, which just makes it all the better.

Bang bang. Goodbye.





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