Stolen Soul

STOLEN SOUL: Sweet Carousel Corsetry – Blind Seas

This shoot was an exciting one to be a part because Elise of Sweet Carousel Corsetry makes amazing corsets and Kendall is an amazing photographer with so much potential to become even greater. Kendall and I had been exchanging some messages for a little while and since Elise was going to be in town on vacation, so I thought we would be a killer team.

The makeup artist Kendall had in mind wasn’t able to make it, but I was more than happy to do my own makeup. Unfortunately, when I got there, I found out she was also supposed to do hair, but I hadn’t brought any hair tools with me. Just ended up just working with what I had. Eyeshadows used in this look were Sugarpill‘s Dollipop and Tako…although they aren’t reallyvisible.

I contacted Kendall months after the shoot a couple times, but never heard back. I was more persistent than usual because I wanted to be able to give Elise something for taking time out of her vacation, aside from hang out time for us, to do the shoot. He never got back to me, and it wasn’t until I finally looked in his gallery on Model Mayhem did I see that there was a photo, so I went to his website and the two you see here are the only two that appear to exist. You’d think he would’ve mentioned them to the other people involved on the shoot.

I’m pretty bummed these are the only two pictures to come out of the shoot; not only because we spend so long there and had so many different outfit changes (including one set that required walking to the local cemetery, completely cinched), but because the two that turned up were so amazing. I also wish there were some other photos showcasing the three other beautiful corsets I got to wear. Oh well…these things happen.


Photographer: Blind Seas
Model/MUA/Hair: Me, looooo
Wardrobe: Sweet Carousel Corsetry





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