2012: The Year of Awesome

Although only 10 days into the year, I can happily say I feel what I felt when it started: 2012 is going to be phenomenal. I know 2011 was not the best of times for a lot of folks out there, but there seems to be something in the air because I can see the difference in people, including myself.

This is the year I can feel my creativity flood back into my blood. The motivation I lost and struggled with last year is back in full force and I am excited to be able to work with more amazing like-minded individuals.

Last year was a bit discouraging in terms of the way I felt about modeling. I am extremely grateful that my photography has been flourishing and the opportunities have been coming in, but it made the fact that all the work and love I put into modeling, no matter how good, was never going to push me to a point of recognition that others achieve more evident. It just appeared that being in front of the lens wasn’t nearly as good as being behind it.

That being said, I feel the need to clarify that it isn’t about fame. Pinky promise. It’s about how talent can be overshadowed by social media savvy and connections; not just with me but with a lot of other people whos work I find to be underappreciated. And now that I have sufficiently made myself sound vain about what I do, I would like to try to counter that with a concept that I have come to realize: I am very proud of what I do and that it isn’t about the quantity of people who can appreciate what I put forth, but the quality of the people.

To all my friends and everyone who has ever shown me support in my attempts at creative endeavors, I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of the dried out, black, crumbling heart-like item in my chest. <3

Here’s to another year of positive change, another year of creative progress, another year of personal growth; a toast (with non-alcoholic Martinelli’s sparkling cider of course)!

Even if the tides turn and things go awry, I still want to be able to say I gave 2012 all I had.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and the hope that you will all do your best to follow your dreams and what makes you happy. 2012, I dub thee “The Year of Awesome!”





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  1. I feel the same way about 2012. It’s going to be THE year. I was very depressed about my art and things of the like, but I know 2012 will do it.

    And I can see it with the way you talk about your work more and more. 🙂

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