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SOUL STEALER: Hello Electropop!

Last night, my photos for Sanrio’s new Hello Kitty line “Electropop!” for Macy’s juniors were released. Extremely excited to be able to share! It was an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful I was able to work with Sarah, who has been amazing and really pushed to have me as a photographer for one of their projects, as well as giving me a lot of room for creative freedom.

8 photos were released on Sanrio’s Facebook, so you’ll get to see some unreleased images here!

This collection is set to be released at select Macy’s next week, so find a store near you and shop your heart out!


Hello Electropop!
Photographer: Irene Yuen
Models: Stephanie Shaw, Bebe Le, Kayleigh, & Irene Yuen
Styling: Julie Doll
Wardrobe: Sanrio
Accessories: Loungefly & NEIVZ

Gray Hello Kitty racerback maxi with face and name
Pink patent embossed large tote bag by Loungefly

Lime Green flowy tank with rhinestone bow
Pink leopard leggings and Sex Pot Revenge wrist band available at Q Pop

Bebe: Lime Green tank with rhinestone bow; Hello Kitty zebra scarf by Sanrio
Stephanie: Pink square cut-out back shirt; pink patent embossed wallet by Loungefly; HK Valentine’s plush from Sanrio; Pink bow and white belt available (separately) at Q Pop

Bebe: Black Hello Kitty tank; HK red bow mini stack necklace by NEIVZ
Stephanie: Striped Hello Kitty face dress; Hello Kitty red patent faux leather bow clutch by Loungefly; HK bow flat laminate ring by NEIVZ
Kayleigh: Blue Hello Kitty shirt with square cut-out detail back; HK necklace from Hot Topic
All cuffs can be found at Q Pop

Striped Hello Kitty face dress
Hello Kitty red patent faux leather bow clutch by Loungefly

Black neon face dress
Pearl patent embossed large tote bag by Loungefly

Black all-over Hello Kitty Face print racerback maxi

I look slightly insane, no?

Here, have me with my normal look. Lost. haha. Also, you can see the racerback.

Self portraits are semi time consuming and just a relative pain since I have to go back and forth to make sure I like how things are turning out, but since Sarah said she wanted me to be in a photo or two, I was more than happy to oblige.

It was Bebe’s first time modeling and I think she did great. Once she is relaxed and just having fun, you can get the best pictures out of her. Not too shabby for her first gig right?

A huge thank you to Sarah Walsworth for making this happen, Justin Morrison of Happy Little Guillotine for being so kind and allowing me to borrow some necessary tools for the shoot, and Q Pop Shop for allowing us to invade their store.

Sanrio is doing a collaboration project in the future and I have my fingers crossed that I will be brought on board for that one as well. For the time being, I am pleased with how these came out, relieved that I didn’t disappoint my clients, and hope for a long and lovely relationship with the crazy awesome people of Sanrio. Lots of love to Dave and Sarah!





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  1. Hello~, I was brought here by the Hello Kitty maxi dress you were wearing because when I saw it in Macy’s the other day I fell in love with it~! >D<

    But, really, I wanted to ask you how you got into modeling because that's something I've been wanting to do for a long long time. I'm 5' 8" and 115lbs and I really want to try it out~!
    Any of your help is greatly appreciated~! ^u^

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