Soul Stealer

SOUL STEALER – Sanrio, Cholified

Bitches get stiches….patched with Hello Kitty bandages.

One of these things is not like the other. Dang it, Misha! You’re too happy to be in this photo.

These photos are loooong over due. My apologies for depriving the world of these for as long as I have.

During the Sanrio 50th Anniversary’s Art Appreciation Day, Asociated‘s Joel “Krook” Raul teamed up with Sanrio to create tanks and bandanas with street versions of their famous characters, like Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Hangyodon, and more. We decided they needed to be shown off and what better way than to cholify and do a mini photoshoot.

Krook with one of his bandanas.

Hello, Kitty.

After getting ready in the back room, I had the girls pose with the HK bike. Pink bikes, balloons, cardboard boxes. That screams amazing set, no? We work with what we have.

Chrissa x Badzt Maru x Krook

Stephiee x Hangyodon x Krook

Bebe x Hello Kitty x Krook. LA baby.

Robyn x Tuxedo Sam x Krook

Ghetto Booty Liz x Krook

Krook and the girls

You may not be able to tell with all the mean mugging, but they love their Yogurtland.

Hardcore carnival games. Look at Bebe on her phone. So LA.

Asociated. girls in front of Peekaboo’s Fight Club installment

With Buff Monster‘s installment

With Shark Toof‘s installment


And now the world knows what Kawaii Gangstas are. You’re welcome. Please don’t shank me.




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