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Dr. Sketchy’s Anaheim Chapter 2 Year Anniversary

To start my year off, I had the privilege of art modeling for Dr. Sketchy’s Anaheim Chapter for their 2-year anniversary, held at The District in Old Towne Orange. The lovely Kelly Castillo of Rothick Art Haus and I had been in communication for a few months and it was great to finally have a date set, which ultimately caused a bit of anxiety as I contemplated long and hard about how not to suck. Glenn Arthur, artist extraordinaire, MC’ed the event; as he should. He’s so much fun!

The session was held in the backroom of a bar which was closed off by a curtain, but there was still space for people to walk through and for the random people entering the bar to sneak a peek at the happenings of the cool kids in the back. Kind of strange, but luckily it wasn’t a super busy night.

LOOK MA! I’m floating!
Don’t ask what I’m wearing. You all know I’m not the colorful one in my group of friends, so I had to throw together whatever I had on hand.

They usually hold a contest during their sketch sessions and this one was the winner. Happy 2 year anniversary Dr. Sketchy’s Anaheim!

2nd place winner turned me into an awesome card.

3rd place had me chillin’ on a chilly 2 :]

So many artists for me to disappoint. Nerve-wrecking x___x

For my first 30 minute pose, I discovered the joy of a numb foot; the worst I have ever felt. There might as well have not been a foot because I couldn’t feel it for a while, but I refused to move it. Probably not the wisest decision, but I was determined.

Final pose. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have just laid on my side again, but at least they got boobies.

And for fun, security at the bar decided to try their hand at drawing. Spot on, no? 

The experience was fantastic! Everyone was really friendly, I didn’t pass out from not breathing, and I was encouraged by the kind words of the artists who were there to sketch, as well as from Kelly and Glenn themselves. I love seeing different artists’ sketches because it really shows how many styles are, as well as how different people view the same thing in different lights. Plus, people make me look way better in sketches. This is definitely something I would like to do again.

Everyone needs to give it up to people who art model for a living. It really isn’t easy holding one position for a long period of time.

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos by Amy Kaplan in the link below.

Photos from the event on Dr. Sketchy’s Anaheim Chapter’s Facebook
Sketches by Paul Richards – The middle section
Fun little write-up by Janet Lee





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