Epicurean Delight


These photos are from ages ago, but for the sake of reminiscing and food porn, I present them to you now. Enjoy.

Oh my goodness! Does anyone even remember when Hayden’s hair was that short?

Bread. Just about the best thing in life.

Since we were a larger group, we got seated in some isolated area, in a room all by ourselves. This was our “lovely” decor. What does this art deco fish have to do with anything? I’m not quite sure.

Food overload. Garlic fries, mussells & shrimp, portobello mushroom, baby back ribs, and pizza.

Not enough garlic? Not a problem. Here’s some garlic butter to further saturate your garlic food.

Cubic Mouth. It grows on you.

Oh you know, just hanging out in the ladies’ lounge. Although, I have to wonder how long we were in there, forcing Hayden to wait outside by himself.

Word on the street was that if you were comfortable in this chair, you were pregnant. Apparently I was pregnant.

Taking bathroom pictures to a whole new level. Those bows were a gift from Stephanie, purchased during her free trip to Korea! Lucky wench.

I just went back recently and had the prime rib and clams. While delicious, it would appear that all the garlic in everything made my friends sick. My stomach was upset after the first time I went so apparently there is a thing as too much garlic.

My personal opinion is that, while the food is above average, I don’t actively seek The Stinking Rose out. For that much money, I’d rather go somewhere else and the overdose of garlic might kill me one day.

That is all. GOODBYE!





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  1. Man all of that looks so good! I was gunna say I’m kinda afraid to go there because Garlic (while I like it) makes me light headed and sick if the smell or taste is TOO strong. But now that I know that it made you guys sick I probably won’t go XD

    1. Yeah…and the meal I had two nights ago wasn’t even super garlic-y, but my friends tummy weren’t happy before we left the restaurant. Any good Italian or steak place can easily make up for it. :]

  2. woah! totally forgot about this night out! Thanks for the reminder. I now recall how much fun it was and how we ordered way too much food. Oh us…some things never change. 🙂

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