Soul Stealer

SOUL STEALER: Quickie Shoot with Luna Lovebad

Had planned an impromtu shoot with Izzy, but our time was cut short, so we shot as much as we could before we had to part ways.

I had just picked up an external flash, so I got to test it out. Overall, not bad for about half an hour of shooting in her front yard and some random parking lot. A fun experiment with longer exposures that was enjoyable and helped me understand camera a little bit more.

Photographer: Irene Yuen
Model/MUA/Hair/Styling: Israel Esai Hilton, aka Luna Lovebad
Cat Money Necklace and Ring: Locketship

Luna Lovebad for Locketship


After shooting in front her front yard, we went to leave, but Izzy was bombarded by the neighborhood kids, who called her Lady Gaga and wanted photos. So here you go.

One picture apparently wasn’t enough, because they came back for more and this time hugged and might have accidentally assaulted her butt because of their height.

Good times fending off children (unsuccessfully according to these photo).

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  1. The close up money ring image looks so professional! I love the lighting. It totally looks like an ad you’d see in a magazine.

    And the one right below that is simply gorgeous.

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