Soul Stealer


When Martin Hsu approached me about a new project he was venturing into, I was flattered and honored that he wanted me to be a part of it.

CRAKENS are hybrid land/sea creatures that are mutated due all the contamination in our world today. Because of that, they are environmentalist. Their creepy cute aesthetics cause fear and repulsion from some, but fear not, they are the good guys. Do not judge a book by its cover, right?

Each creature has their own distinct personality, which you can read about here, on the character page. Scroll over each of their images to see their angry form! So far 5 have been released, but Crabby Bear is my favorite. Why? He’s part giant panda and happens to be a Victorian gentleman.

These creatures live with their little hipster animal friends in Crakenland, which is one of the few undisturbed habitats of the world. The wetlands are their home, so we found a place they would be comfortable.


Photographer/MUA/Hair/Wardrobe: Irene Yuen
Models: Cody Gray & Stephanie Shaw (Zilla 308)
Reflector holder extraordinaire: Sean Maman

On top of the shirts, I also got to handle one of the limited edition Puffer Puss designer plush, hand crafted by Lana Crooks. That baby is so incredibly well crafted and has a great weight to it.

I look forward to bringing more CRAKENS to life in the future!

I leave you with some behind the scenes action.

CRAKENS links:

Martin Hsu links:

P.S. Two of the images were published in “Very Sweet Kawaii” by Monsa Publications. Thank you Martin!!




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