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STOLEN SOUL: F.ALT Photographics

I had the privilege of working with Nikita of F.ALT Photographics when she flew in from Edmonton, Canada to LA back in March, just to have a shooting extravaganza with about dozen models over the course of a few days. Just in time for Halloween, I’m finally sharing with you guys the illustrative goodness that is F.ALT! She takes photos of models and completely transforms the raw image she gets into a whole other world with her self created backgrounds and unique editing style. For anyone wondering why I don’t look normal, I’m not supposed to. And for those who are wondering why I would ever think I would need to let people know that, trust me, Nikita has had her fair share of people ask her.

Photographer: F.ALT Photographics
Model/MUA/Hair/Wardrobe: looooo

Nikita was pregnant at the time of our shoot and has since had Baby Story. Congrats Nikita! What a trooper she was, to fly all the way out here to have a plethora of models coming in and out of her hotel room. How scandalous. If you enjoyed the photos, I definitely recommend you check out the rest of her photos.

She was absolutely sweet and a complete professional. Very happy she was able to shoot with some of her dream models while she was still able to move about freely.

Afterwards, I drove her to Subway to make sure she got something decent to eat without spending a fortune at the restaurant in the hotel, which is where I discovered that she had never seen an avocado before. Apparently they don’t have them where she is in Canada. They have pre-packaged guacamole though, so they do know what it tastes like, but she never knew what fruit it came from! I was amused. Wish I had known earlier so I could have gifted her with glory that is an avocado.

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P.S. Our horror images were used in the Missy Ink Halloween issue for an interview with F.ALT. More published news! How exciting.




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