Dress Up Doll

DRESS UP DOLL: Gothic Christmas Tree & the Best Christmas Photo Ever

For the Black X-Mas Q Pop Christmas party, I decided it would be appropriate to be a Gothic Christmas tree. Not absurd at all. Plus it gave me an excuse to finally wear the Meta JSK I purchased a long time ago.

I apologize in advance for not knowing how to close my mouth. Also, don’t mind the orbs. They’re the spirits of Christmas….or light coming from rain drops bouncing back my flash to the camera. You know, whichever you prefer.

Outfit Breakdown:
JSK (jumper skirt/dress): Metamorphose Ribbon Scalloped JSK
Shirt: Ruffle front blouse (thrift store find)
Socks: h.NAOTO nois over the knee sock with cross pattern
Shoes: Yosuke U.S.A. (purchased at Marui One)
Rose Choker: Suppurate System

The socks I have been coveting forever are finally mine. Saw them at an H.Naoto fashion show, but they couldn’t sell them to me because they had been worn (I didn’t care) and after months of looking, with the help of H.Naoto worker bee Erin, I finally found them on eBay. They were from an old collection, which explained why I could never find them on sale and why they were so rare. At last, the search is over and my legs are happy.

Bonus Photo:
Merry Christmas you bastards. Love, Irene & Cane





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    THOSE SOCKS ARE AMAZING! I love h.NAOTO, they have such fresh take on gothic. Ah so sad to see how rare those socks are, I want a pair too!

    OH and that candid photo of you and your cat is the pure definition of Christmas, can not stop laughing.

    1. Aww thanks Jell! Cane can be such a joy sometimes.

      Ooooh my god, you have no idea how long it took me to find those guys! I kept watching eBay, but didn’t pay as much attention to the EGL Comm sales like I should’ve. I definitely suggest those keeping an eye on both of those :]

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