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My Little Pony Project 2012 LA

Yikes! Forgot I had these pictures from the My Little Pony Project at Toy Art Gallery hanging around in my photo gallery, uploaded and neglected. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

From the Facebook event page, “Hasbro’s MY LITTLE PONY Project returns in 2012 with a year-long global celebration of MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship Is Magic, a charitable art exhibition inspired by MY LITTLE PONY. 2012 marks the first world tour of the MY LITTLE PONY Project, engaging talents in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, Japan.”

Awesome. I have no idea who posted that up in the window of a nearby vacant storefront, but kudos for that classic 16-bit reference.

Has Amy blogged about it yet? No. Good. That’s my indicator of extreme lateness, if I get beat out by Shrinkle’s blog.

(UPDATE: Ha! Amy actually posted her MLP event coverage tonight because I lessened the embarrassment of such a late post.)

Oh, how I miss blue grey hair.

A lot of pony people showed up to opening night and I am extra thankful to Martin Hsu for allowing me to be his artist guest so that I could enter without waiting in the crazy line!

“Rainbow Gallop” My Little Pony Custom by Martin Hsu

Jon, Amy (Shrinkle), and Chrissa.

Can we all take a second to stare at Chrissa’s giant MLP necklace? Her boyfriend Jon turned the figure into one crazy accessory.

MLP cake balls by Lil Rae Cakes.

“Cotton Candy Skydancer” My Little Pony Custom by Miss Kika

Stephiee and Tweetie brought Greyson and No-Name, while I left Earl behind by accident. Earl missed out on fabulous weave action with his hot dog homies!

There were many amazing ponies that night, but a few really stood out as my favorites:

“The Enemy Within” My Little Pony Custom by Mikie Graham (Blamo)

Turning an MLP into the infamous Trojan Horse? How is that not brilliant? Mikie used over 400 individual mini wooden boards cut from doll house flooring that he found at his local craft store with 200 tiny brass nails are perfectly embedded, holding together this super clean, perfectly executed custom.

“My Little Ghost Pony” My Little Pony Custom by Miso

This pony grabbed my attention immediately with its striking simplicity and attention to detail. What appear to be cuter versions of noh masks are riddled throughout the pony and the hair has been placed in samurai styled hair knots wrapped with string. Her paint job was so clean it looks like it was printed on. Looking at the artist’s name though, I had no idea who it was.

Turns out, I knew exactly who Miso was because I had been a fan of her photography for a really long time! Since this show (over a year ago) we have finally met and done a shoot together. Karen Hsiao is a super cool and super talented human being that I am happy to call my friend.

“Pony Couture Autumn/Winter Collection” My Little Pony Custom by Junie Moon

Can I please be this pony? No? Can I at least have her wardrobe? What do you mean I can’t fit into that? Are you trying to call me fat?

Oh sweet, beautiful Pony, I almost have no words to describe how you make me feel. I believe this was the only time I’ve ever wanted to be a pretty, pretty princess.

“Goodnight, Sweet Dreams…” My Little Pony Custom by J*RYU

Last, but most definitely not least, J*RYU’s pony custom blew my mind. Have you ever fallen in love with someone at first sight? Well, that is exactly what happened to me, except it was with an inanimate object that will never reciprocate my feelings and lives across the country with some lucky bastard who got the best deal in life.

Jesse’s piece was certainly one of the show stoppers; in my opinion, the crowning piece of the show. Other artists were even puzzled by how he got a special custom, but soon found out he customized his pony completely, hacking off the legs and positioning them to make a one of a kind carousel My Little Pony. Beautiful embellishments add decadence to this hauntingly beautiful piece while the paint job itself shows you J*RYU knows exactly what he’s doing.

He was also a really great guy, indulging people who were more than likely asking him the same questions over and over about his custom. Incredibly talented and humble, it was really a pleasure to get to know him through his artwork.

 I can’t even look at it anymore. Hand me the tissue. I’m going to go into a corner and cry/eat my pain away. Farewell my sweet dark horse…at least I will always have these photos.





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  1. I’m glad you finally posted these. I’ve been dying to see them. These ponies are amazing.

    And i miss your grey hair too, it was really great on you.

  2. The Trojan Horse pony made me tear up. Pony feelings and Troy feelings ;___; What an amazing event. I wish I could have gone! I love My Little Pony so much. These photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Who would’ve known there were such strong feelings for Troy with an MLP fan! I wish you could’ve seen it in person. It was magnificently crafted.

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