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STOLEN SOUL: Only a watery passing will do – Dan Kitchens

This post has been pending for over a year and a half. Surprised? Neither am I.

I discovered Dan’s existence through food. Let me clarify; I knew of his work with his wife through their art duo Kozyndan, but I never knew who they were personally or even knew it was a husband and wife duo. One day, while browsing facebook, I happen upon a picture of a delicious looking sandwich, saw his last name (Kitchens) and automatically assumed that it was some sort of link to the restaurant business. I left a comment, telling him to make me one, looked through some more photos, and finally realized he wasn’t a chef at all. Dan is an artist and amateur underwater photographer. Perhaps this is what they mean when they say don’t judge a book (or name) by its cover.

After much talking and a bit of planning, we finally were able to do a shoot together. Underwater modeling is something that was definitely of interest to me; beautiful, surreal photos accomplished by the weightlessness and fluidity of water.

Photographer: Dan Kitchens
Model/MUA/Wardrobe: looooo

joker in a shattered mirror

victim from beneath the asphalt


watery grave


Dan may call himself an amateur underwater photographer, but the images we have created with each other are some of my favorites. Serene. Silent. Cinematic.

I received a DD on deviantART for Flowering and I couldn’t be more happier than it was for an image from this series.

Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is to take a dip, Dan.

Kozyndan Links:
Dan’s Instagram
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  1. These are gorgeous. I’ve only been under water about five times in my life because it scares me too much, but these photos really are so serene it makes the thought of going under water a little less scary.

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