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STOLEN SOUL: Karen Hsiao Photography

When I started modeling back at the end of 2006/early 2007, I absolutely adored Karen Hsiao’s photography and wanted to work with her so badly. It didn’t work out then, but through the magic that is Instagram, we were given the opportunity to meet and work with each other. Excited would be an understatement to how I felt when she contacted me.

Her latest book, Black Cherries, has just been released; 3 years in the making, 99 full color pages, and I am elated that I was chosen to be a part of Karen’s beautiful collection.

Photographer/Makeup: Karen Hsiao
Model/Makeup/Hair: Irene Yuen
Hood designer: Christopher

Image behind more tag due to my big ol’ NSFW nipples.
(Yes, I realize there are boobies on the book cover, but it’s a book cover. It’s ok! Right? Deal with it.)

I have hair envy…of my own hair. That can’t be a good thing.

Karen is a magical creature, and a goofy one at that. Time flies when we’re shooting together and the energy she exudes is contagious. Being the owner of a colossal cranium, I was unsure of how Christophers beautiful hoods would look, but I trusted Karen’s vision completely and that paid off. This image has been hiding for a few months, with me bursting to share it! Squishy face, squisy face, squishy face; so much cheek to squeeze.

For some more examples of the images in this beautiful 99 book , please go to the Black Cherries section of her website here.

Black Cherries can be purchased here.

During a shoot, Karen will also shoot some preview images with her iPhone, play around with them on an app, creating behind the scene images that trump plenty of photographers out there with fancy cameras and no artistic vision. Technique will never be anything without a creative eye.

A few months after we shot for black cherries (hope those medical images are released soon!), I was reunited with my dragon lady sister and to shoot some prints and grab some food.

Prints can be purchased here.

We were also able to get down with some latex, but for now, that is hush hush. In the meantime, I will leave you with these photos we played around with from Karen’s iPhone after our shoot before dinner with her man, crazy awesome amazing artist Dan Quintana.

You should also check out Karen’s traditional artwork at Art of Miso.

What a talented couple…fuck those guys. <3<3



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