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SOUL STEALER: “Sound + Vision : Album Cover Show” @ Q Pop Shop


I’m finally back on here to tell you that¬†Q Pop Shop is hosting an opening for what will be an amazing show for concept album art, titled “Sound + Vision : Album Cover Show” (Facebook event page) tomorrow, March 21st, from 7pm-10pm.

“Since the early days of Modernism, the interplay between art and music has given considerable impetus to the development of new art forms. Even Plato recognized a special connection between eye and sound.

What better way to explore this relationship than through the art of the album cover.
Artists will create a visual representation of the music that they pick that resonates with them ..The artworks would reflect and describe the concepts and ideas contained within the album.”

It’s a different show for Q Pop in that the conceptual aspect has forced a lot of the illustrators who are normally in the shows to take influences from music and not do their usual literal interpretations. They will also be playing music throughout the night from all the albums! A great way to discover new music.


I, of course, immediately knew that I would be giving Murder by Death a treatment in my own (inferior) vision.

Originally, I wanted to base my piece off “Red of Tooth and Claw,” but their latest album “Big Dark Love” has been on repeat and there was a particular song that influenced my image choice: “Dream in Red.” Unfortunately, the end result of playing around with photoshop on no sleep was more in tune with their older conceptual albums, so it seemed fitting that their sophomore album, “Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left of Them?” was to be the final choice.

Tried to embed their bandcamp streaming album, but alas, WordPress isn’t cooperating, but you can stream most of their albums via their website or Spotify.

Once again, it is a self portrait, but that always ends up happening because I procrastinate (hence the lack of sleep.) Nothing changes. Luckily I had old photos from a random set I shot to play with.


For those interested in previewing the art and making purchases, email for the link and password.  Hope those of you in LA will take the opportunity to go check out all the wonderful work! Show runs until April 12th.







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